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Our Leadership

President: Mike Just

The President presides over monthly business meetings. He presents the business agenda and oversees motions voting on motions. He writes a monthly article/blog addressing current issues for the website. He oversees all functions, or delegates such authority to others.

Vice President: Open

The vice president supports and fulfills the duties of President as needed. He is also in charge of the running and tabulation of votes for the annual officer elections and Arctic Heat Weekend title holder vote counts.

Brian Bayless - Secretary

Secretary:  Brian Bayless

The secretary records minutes of business meetings and transcribes them for the next meeting for approval. He also keeps membership records and a calendar of events. The secretary also handles official correspondence and communication.

Treasurer:  Michael French

The treasurer coordinates financial activities and maintains financial records. The treasurer produces a monthly detailed financial report for review at each meeting. He handles the cash at fundraising and other money handling events, makes deposits and reconciles the bank account on a monthly basis. The treasurer is not an authorized signer on the bank account.

Mike French - Treasurer

Keith Walker - Road Captain

Road Captain:  Keith Walker

The road captain reminds members of upcoming events and encourages participation, helps to arrange logistics for club outings. This includes verifying and making reservations.

Webmaster: Open

Webmaster is responsible for promoting the club through our website and social media by keeping them up to date. The position may be held by more than one individual.